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Candystick Terms & Conditions
Updated on 22 March 2015

Please read these terms & conditions carefully. Organisers, contributors and beneficiaries must accept the terms & conditions (at least the parts relevant to them) when they make use of or benefit from the Candystick service. You will be required to accept them during the registration process.


Who is who?
‘We ‘are Candystick (Pty) Ltd (registration number 2015 / 015200 / 07)
If you are the person who created the Money Box we refer to you as an ‘organiser’. If you are contributing to a Money Box we refer to you as a ‘contributor’. If you are the lucky recipient of a Money Box you are a ‘recipient’. When a term applies to all of these persons, we will use ‘you’.

Our services
Our service is aimed at making collecting money for gifts, events or charity easy and convenient. Candystick allows organisers to create Money Boxes in which identified contributors can contribute funds in order to reach a target by a certain date. Candystick contacts the prospective contributors to invite them to participate and reminds them to contribute. Money Boxes can be converted into cash and paid directly into a bank account or they can be used to purchase products from our partners. The Money Boxes can be given to a recipient or used by the organiser directly to buy a gift or to organise an event.
If you have questions about our services, please visit our FAQs or contact us.

Our commission
We are funded by commission. It works like this:

  • A commission of R5 is charged on all contributions. So, if you want to contribute R100 to the Money Box, you must contribute R105.
  • If a Money Box is converted into cash we retain a commission of 5.5% on the redeemed amount.
  • If a Money Box is used to make a purchase from a partner store you do not pay a commission.

Registration and privacy
Registration will differ depending on whether you are an organisor, contributor or the ultimate recipient of the Money Box. We only collect the information that we need and want to make registration as quick and painless as possible.
When you register, we will ask you to provide your personal information to us. We only collect what we need and will not share your information without your consent unless we are legally required to share or need to share your information in order to provide our service. If you want to know more about how your information is used, please read our privacy policy. By accepting these terms & conditions you agree that we can process your information to provide our services.
We reserve the right to request additional information or to verify your identity if we deem it necessary.
Make sure that you give us accurate information and that you update your profile if your information changes.  If you don’t, we may not be able to deliver our services.
If you fail to provide us with the requested information you will not be able to make use of the services.
Never send us sensitive information such as banking details or passwords by e-mail as it is not secure.
By using our website you warrant and represent that you are over 18 years old. If you are not (or if you are not authorised to enter into a binding agreement for another reason), then you may only use our services with the involvement and supervision of your parent or legal guardian. If this is the case, your parent or legal guardian agrees to be bound to these terms & conditions and to be liable for all of your obilgations to us.

Rules of use

The size of the Money Box: Money Boxes must be worth at least R50, but no bigger than R10 000. This limitation can be lifted if you provide us with certified copies of the ID documents and proof of residence of the organiser and the recipient (if it is not the organisor). No funds will be released until these documents have been received.
Multiple Money Boxes: Any one organiser can only create a maximum of 10 open Money Boxes at any one time.
Creating a Money Box: In order to create a Money Box the organiser must indicate the recipient (if it is not the organisor), the name of the event (eg. a gift, a contribution towards an event or activity, a contribution for a charity etc.), the target amount (optional), the target date and the e-mail or facebook address of each prospective contributor.
Changes to a Money Box: The organisor will be able to change the details of the Money Box (except the name/purpose) online after the Money Box is created. However, the target date can only be delayed for two 14 day intervals (i.e.Money Boxes cannot remain open indefinitely). Contributors will be notified of changes to a Money Box.
Contacting contributors: We will contact contributors to invite them to make a contribution and we will remind them at regular intervals to make their contribution if they have not done so yet. They will always have the opportunity to stop us from communicating with them. We will inform the organisor if a contributor has unsubscribed. We will not update contributors’ e-mail addresses or inform the organisor if any of the e-mail addresses provided are incorrect or out of date.
Contributing to a Money Box: When the contributor makes a contribution, the contributor gives the organisor the right to use the contribution to finance a gift or event either by converting the Money Box into cash or by making a purchase on a partner site.

Organisor responsibility: The organisor is solely responsible for the administration of the funds and can make all decisions relating to the Money Box (eg. the organisor can make changes to the target amount and date). The organisor must ensure that the Money Box goes to the correct recipient or is used for the purpose (eg. an event or gift) for which the money was collected. We take no responsibility for the way in which funds are used by the organisor and will not refund contributors, because they are not happy with the administration of the funds.


Redemption of the Money Box: Money Boxes can only be redeemed after the target date. Money Boxes can be converted to cash and paid into the organisor or recipient’s bank account or they can be used to purchase goods from our partners. The Money Box can be redeemed in one go, or in parts. If the Money Box must be converted into cash by the organisor or the recipient the funds will be paid into the bank account of the organisor or the recipient (who must be the accountholder).
Failure to redeem within 90 days from target date: The Money Box must be redeemed within 90 days from the target date. If the Money Box is not redeemed a cash payment will be made to the organisor. If this is not possible (eg. if we do not have accurate banking details for the organisor) then we will send the organisor an e-mail once to the current e-mail address according to our records requesting instructions. We will not make any further efforts to contact the organisor or the recipient. contributors will not be refunded if the organisor cannot be paid or found or if the organisor does not respond to our e-mail. If a Money Box has not been redeemed after 3 years from the target date, the Money Box will be closed and the funds distributed to Candystick.
Refund of contributions: Contributors are entitled to request a refund for any reason before the target date. A fee of R5 will be deducted from the contribution.
Cancelling a Money Box: A Money Box can be cancelled at any time. In such an event each contribution will be refunded minus a cancellation fee of R5 per contribution.
Offensive language and content: We reserve the right to remove any offensive, discriminatory or explicit content relating to a Money Box. If the purpose for which the Money Box was created is offensive, discriminatory or explicit we reserve the right to close the Money Box.
Fraud, money laundering or other criminal activity: You are not allowed to use this account for any illegal purposes. We are entitled to investigate and report transactions if we suspect fraud, money laundering or other criminal activity. If we suspect that our services are being used to perpetrate fraud or to launder money we will hand your information over to the authorities.

Purchases from our partners
You can access our partners’ websites via our site. You can use the funds in the Money Box during the payment stage on our partner’s website.
If you do not use all the funds in the Money Box you will be able to use the balance for another purchase or convert it into cash.
We do not sell our partners’ products or services. All purchases you make are from our partners directly, and they are responsible for the quality of the products or services which they sell. We are also not responsible for the content or accuracy of any of the marketing which is done by partners on our site.
This means that any product warranty and other legal warranties (such as your rights in terms of the Consumer Protection Act) is between you and our partner directly. We are not a party to that transaction.
In the unfortunate event that you experience problems with the product or service you have purchased you must contact the relevant partner directly for assistance. We will not be able to help you.

Candystick does not accept any liability for delays or a failure to deliver the products or services, for the quality of the products or services, for defective products or for any form of harm caused to you by a product or in the course of the delivery of a service.


Exclusion of liability and right to restrict access
While we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that our site is always up and running and your information protected, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case.


Under the circumstances you cannot hold us liable for any interruptions or delays of the transactions executed through the website or for any harm caused by the unauthorised access, theft or destruction of information.


We reserve the right to restrict access to or temporarily suspect online access to our services for technical, maintenance or security reasons without compensation. We undertake to limit this type of interruption to a minimum.
Amendment of the terms & conditions

These terms & conditions may change from time to time. These amendments will be made available onlineand will apply to all Money Boxes created after the date on which they were made. This means that you should check these terms & conditions again next time you make use of our services.

Contact us

You can contact us at info@candystick.co.za or 0861557773.


Candystick (Pty) Ltd (registration number: 2015/015200/07)
16 Hilton Road
Western Cape
Nikolai von Stackelberg
Fabrice Orengo de Lamaziere

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