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I am a matric student at Vista Nova School which accommodates people with disability. For the past 8 years I have depended on the school bus as a mode of transport and it frightens me to leave this great school as transport is a challenge for me.

I am physically challenged and depend on my wheelchair in order to move around. I have gone through 17 operations hoping I would be able to walk but unfortunately they did not work. I strongly appreciate the medical team and all the opportunities they have given me. As a result of accepting my disability, I decided not to be the victim in my story but to be the victor.

During the December holiday of 2017 I got my first holiday job at Delivery Extreme where I worked extremely hard and raised enough money for my driving lessons. I persevered and managed to obtain my driver’s licence which allows me to drive any automatic vehicle with no adaptations. This has been the greatest achievement for me as driving is an essential part for majority of disabled people and it symbolises independence.

I live with my single mother who is barely able to provide for my brother and me as she is a domestic worker. It is also difficult for her to juggle work and being available to assist me physically. We do not have a car at home and I am required to use the Myciti bus service which is wheelchair friendly but not always convenient. My dream is to study law in 2019 and I’d like to be able to drive to campus and back home every day. The money donated will go towards purchasing a vehicle and paying tuition for me to study and a few extra essentials. I strongly appreciate any donation and would personally like to thank you in advance.

Thank you.


Plea to help wheelchair bound young man buy a car and fulfill his dreams (Article on Cape Talk) 


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