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The time to act is now. In fact, we should have acted a long time ago. We need your help!

The aim of this site is to provide a platform to gather information on farm attacks, not only ones that have already taken place but also ones that are being planned.
This is an issue that touches every one of us regardless of race, the government seems to rather want to ignore the fact that these attacks happen on a daily basis.
Most of us feel completely helpless, we would all like to do something but what?
We aim to establish a fund funded by you the citizens of South Africa to try and do something about this.

Our plan:
Give financial rewards for information both on attackers and planned attacks.
Up to R5000 reward to any person with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of attacker or attackers.
Up to R20 000 reward for information about a planned attack, information needs to include the date and location of the farm being targeted. If the attack is successfully avoided by arrest being made before the attack takes place or while the attack is in progress. In this case, even if no arrest is made but the farmer and his family had enough warning to prepare to defend themselves during the attack.
If you have information on an attack or planned attack please do not hesitate to send us the information now!

Visit our site for more details STOPSA

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