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Please help send an amazing South African lawyer to Cambridge to complete her LLM (master's degree in law).  Yanela Ntloko was admitted into this highly competitive programme for the 2020/2021 academic year and will, funding permitted, take courses in Competition Law, Economics of Law and Regulation, and International Commercial Litigation.
Yanela is an advocate (barrister) in South Africa who has been practicing as such in Commercial and Public Law since 2018.  In 2016, Yanela served as a legal researcher for South African Chief Justice at the Constitutional Court.  She graduated from the University of South Africa (UNISA) that same year after having received 29 distinctions out of 38 courses.

Yanela is self-motivated.  She was home-schooled in her formative years and excelled as an honour roll student. 

She is also very committed to using means available at her disposal to do her part to achieve a society committed to equality and justice.  In high school, her involvement in community projects revealed the role of social justice in effecting change in our society.  This is what propelled her to pursue a degree in law.  During her studies, Yanela worked as a junior student researcher to fund her education.  She also participated in the UNISA's College of Law's Community Engagement projects.  She never wavered from her commitment to social justice or her mission of using the law as a means of social change.  Her commitment to social justice has been acknowledged.  In 2017, she became one of the first recipients of the Arthur Chaskalson Fellowship with the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), a law clinic in South Africa that uses legal advocacy to effect social change.  She spent her time there pursuing justice as in-house counsel (i.e. an in-house NGO barrister) prosecuting and defending cases in the area of Constitutional and Public Law.  practicing as an advocate as well. Yanela has been reported in a number of Constitutional Court cases:
1. Maledu and Others v Itereleng Bakgatla Mineral Resources (Pty) Limited and Another [2018] ZACC 41 (available at;
2. Moyo and Another v Minister of Police and Others; Sonti and Another v Minister of Police and Others [2019] ZACC 40 (available at; and
3. Ahmed and Others v Minister of Home Affairs and Another [2018] ZACC 39 (available at

In order to complete her degree, Yanela requires £ 41,500 (US$54 442) which amount is made up of: 
a) £ 10,875.00 for Student Maintenance; and
b) £ 30,681.00 UCF for Overseas/Islands Arts.

In undertaking this LLM and electing these courses Yanela knowledge of the law will not only be edified but she will also be able to draw from other legal systems in dealing with the issues that arise.  This LLM will enhance her knowledge and thus enable her to understand the multidimensional dynamics of the law.  The Competition Law course will further broaden her understanding of that particular area of the law which will be beneficial to my career progression as an advocate in South Africa in an area of law practice by very few female particularly Black African women advocates.  This course of study would distinguish her as an advocate and serve as a stepping stone towards her completing a PhD in interrelated topics.  By pursuing the PhD, not only will there be an academic reference and the exploration of our law, there will also be a blueprint on which our legislation can be drafted against in instances such as the Covid-19 crisis currently faced by the world over.  

Your help will enable this amazing and committed young lawyer in her career endeavours.  She is committed to giving back and will use the knowledge garnered in her LLM to continue to do so.

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