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I'm Lauren Catherine Bates and I have a story.
For 15 years I have created theatre in schools, community centres, mosques, churches and prisons in Cape Town, South Africa. I have staged over 20 Shakespeare productions partnering with young people from diverse contexts.

Through Shakespeare I have nurtured the performing skills and language capabilities of hundreds of learners with special needs at Vista Nova High School. In 2015 the Western Cape Education Department recognised my theatre in education work with a Master Teacher's Award.

I have seen first-hand how performing Shakespeare emboldens young people. For instance:

  • The 16-year-old boy who couldn't read memorised a script through listening;
  • The 14-year-old girl in a wheelchair who discovered her own beauty being onstage; and, 
  • The 18-year-old struggling to apply himself being proud of staging an excellent play.

Now, you can help me become an even better educator. I have been accepted into a prestigious new Master's programme called Shakespeare and Creativity starting in September 2017. It takes place in Shakespeare Land: at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK. 

Be part of this magical story by contributing to my tuition and living costs. In doing so, you not only help me now but invest in educating hundreds of South African students in future.

Only with your support will I be able to study, and return to South Africa with unique knowledge and experience. I am committed to education, development and performing arts in my country. Your donation will help me continue this work.

For charity itself fulfills the law, 
And who can sever love from charity? - Love's Labour's Lost, Act IV, Scene III

Donate what you can today and share our cause with your network.

Thank you! 

Click here to see a video with more on my journey with Shakespeare.

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