Riaan Foley


Help raise funds for Marlene's road to recovery.

Marlene was in a serious car accident which not only left her with a severe neck injury but she also lost the love of her life in the accident. 
An ordinary "Sunday Afternoon" turned into the worst possible nightmare for Marlene and her boyfriend Riaan Foley. Riaan and Marlene were in terrible car accident after they hit a pothole and lost control which caused the car to roll. Unfortunately Riaan passed away. 

Marlene suffered a broken neck that left her paralysed. She was transferred to a private hospital and has to undergo operations that could see her walk again. The problem is that she has no medical aid and the family won't be able to carry the medical expense on their own.

Riaan and Marlene were looking forward on starting their lives together but it ended in tragedy. Riaan was a well-known Agriculture and Aerial Firefighting Pilot who met Marlene during a fire season in Nelspruit. He was a true icon to kids and sparked a passion for flying in them. He was also loved and admired by his fellow pilots.

His legacy will surely live on!

Please help Marlene get her life back.


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