Retirement Home


My Parent, 

I love them dearly and they have gotten me and my fairly large family through alot. But now unfortunately the wheel of fortune turns very slowly, and they need more help than i am able to give.

Both my mother and father, who spent there lives caring for anyone and everyone who ever came into our lives that needed help, be it financially, or emotionally or even just for a place to store their extra furniture while they moved out of their old flat into a new place.

life has not been easy but they have always done right by everyone they met.

nearly 10 years ago my father lost his job and through that and some other drama, got dragged through a court case on someone elses behalf. basically burning up any and every cent we had set aside for life after work.

neither my mother nor father can work anymore, they both try, picking up odd jobs here and there but rely solely on Myself and my Brother to support them with rent and food and that sort.

we do our best but we are just not coping.

for a couple years now after we lost the house, we have been renting, which is not working and is killing my brother and I financially.

so! we are now trying to buy a house for them.

nothing fancy. but we need a deposit before the banks will take us seriously. which we cant afford.

i have never crowded funded anything before, but my parents and my whole family have supported many families and done our best to help our comunities where we can, and hopefully we can put a little money together to help put a deposit down on a little safe house for my parents to retire into.


Derek and Laura, also known as Mom and Dad


If you do contribute, no matter how small, it will help us alot in the long run.

thank you.



we can handle the monthly payments on the house, but we dont have any extra for the deposit.



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