Rebecca Chapman and Crohns Disease..the Daily battle


JUNE UPDATE > Thank you all again to everyone that has sent Rebecca toys , gifts, messages and most of all contributed to this fund and others! Rebecca is going for her 2nd Biological infusion tomorrow the 15th of June. She has had a rough month with the new medicine. She is still very pale and tired, but one good aspect is she is eating the same amount of food as a small Country. And has finally put on 1.5 kgs bringing her weight to 27.5 kgs . Still very low. She is also very anemic and is not looking well today. We are a little concerend that not much progress has been made. But we take it one day a time

After 2 x stays in hospital totalling almost a month, the medical bills have started coming in. The shortfall on the biological infusions is R3000 per 2 visits. The medical aid, as usual is not covering the treatment in full and has all but depleted our medical savings account, leaving us as a family with no more wiggle room for GP visits and medicine, pretty much everything not covered by medical aid. ANd of course with her eating as much and a diet relatively different to ours, bills are piling up.

If you or anyone you know are able to make a small dontation , we would truly appreciate it.Her Facebook page can be found here, where i regularly update it

The first Beginning most of you know i post pretty much anything and everything on FB...But until now..what happened a week ago was not put onto Fb...

Most of you will know i have 3 Daughters... Chloe 21...Rebecca 12 and Hannah 8..

Rebecca was admitted to casualty at 2300 on the night of the 29th of April with sever abdominal pain..she was admitted to Paeds high care under the care of a a wonderful surgeon and great staff.
I spent the night with her..calling on my years of EMS to stay awake..she finally fell asleep at 0300am..Her arms bruised from all the attempts at IVs and drawing of blood.
To cut a long story short..she had keyhole surgery on the Monday as her inflammatory markers sky rocketed.., and it wasnt her appendix as the surgeon expected, it was far worse..
20cm of her small intestine was severely inflamed and full of sores..she was transferred to from Kingsbury to Vincent Palloti to see a specialist gastroenterologist, where after more invasive exploratory work it was confirmed she has
Crohns disease..She is a strong lively kind little girl...the problem is , she isnt growing , she is at least 25cm shorter than most of her friends...thats Crohns...she has lost 5 kgs in 10 days..thats Crohns
but she is fighting hard..She spent 6 long days in hospital, 10 days ago, being prodded and pricked and still never lost her smile! 
I have always been the person , that for most of my life has willingly helped others with no expectation of reward..its what i love...But tonight with my hat in my hand,im respectfully asking for you to help me.
Help me help Rebecca get the treatment she needs.There is NO cure for Crohns...all i can do is try help her live comfortably and start growing as tall as her Dad.. Thank you all for reading this!

I see this website only allows Credit Cards...please use the follwing if you are able to  EFT ABSA BANK Chad Chapman...SAVINGS Acc.....Acc nr 9209900545 Branch Code 632005

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