Radiation Therapy Fund for Sr. Erna


I would like to tell you about a legendary “Mom of Many”. Sr. Erna has been a Midwife for about 35years in the larger Pretoria area, she has helped little ones being born in hospitals, birth-facilities and at homes, she has done so with passion and a lot of laughter. She is a phone call away to help with about any and every pregnancy and baby related question imaginable. And as we so fondly know – she is straight forward, funny and an incredibly strong woman.

This past year she has been on a journey of a different kind, she has been visiting doctors, oncologists and medical specialists without many of us even knowing. She has had two operations and after the most recent one she facilitated a full day antenatal class less that 72hours after the procedure was completed. And continuing attending births with her full attentive love and care. If that does not speak of passion  and commitment to her patients and calling as a Midwife, nothing will convince us of it.

 It is then that I bring your kind attention to a matter close to my heart,  we are planning to form a fund to contribute to the radiation therapy that Sr. Erna critically needs to start ASAP, within the next weeks. Her planned treatment will be once a day, for the next six consecutive weeks.  Our major challenge is that all the costs have to be covered before the treatment can begin – currently estimated at R160,000. This fund is intended to act as a morale booster and support to herself and her family financially so that they can act on her medical treatment as soon as possible without the additional stress of where all the funds will come from. To assist in this process we have this fund to help make this happen. As a person who has had the privilege of working very closely with Sr. Erna I appeal to you to spread this message as far as we can. For many she has done so much for us and never wanted anything in return.

For US – whom lives she has touched  – let us now support her with a full recovery and speedy start to her treatment by contributing a donation towards the medical expenses she currently faces before even being able to start. We thus launch our humble request that you donate to this fund.  And your prayers will be greatly appreciated on her journey.

The estimated cost of the treatment thus far is R160,000, we hope you may contribute in any way you can to it make this a speedy recovery.

I sincerely thank you. 

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