Nuts&Bolts Rally, Saving one nut at a time!


In September 2016 we completed the annual Nuts&Bolts rally, stretching over 1200km of treacherous gravel roads through the Tankwa Karoo. The rally raises money for the testicular cancer awareness foundation, Love Your Nuts. The idea is to complete the rally in a car older than 30 years and valued less than R20 000. We had many breakdowns. Some (but not all...) include:

- Loss of rear suspension (weight of 4 "heavys" in car, excluding all gear: 425kg)

-  Whole exhaust broke off from the manifold (in engine bay) to the back

- Half way through the race we damaged our gearbox and had only third gear left for 600km

- Our breaks started to give trouble (before we still had to go over 3 mountain passes)

- We lost both passenger and driver side windows (Tankwa=dust)

- We got hit by another contestant leaving the driver's side dented and unable to open the doors

Not once were we left behind by other teams. The idea of the rally is to simulate the challenges of testicular cancer and how you rely on friends pulling you through the difficult stages of cancer.

Little did I know that I would be diagnosed with Testicular Cancer 3 months later. What was supposed to be a €œboys road trip€ ended up in being an event that saved my life. I had my orchiectomy days later and due to early detection (thanks Love Your Nuts) I did not have to go through chemo. 

This year we want to create even more awareness about the €œthing men don't talk about€ and save more lives.

Every single cent raised will be donated to the Love Your Nuts Cancer Foundation. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause and please share with friends and family on social media.

*Corporates: Section 18a certificates and advertising space on car available

Thanks for your fantesticle support

Rikus Visser

PS: If we hit the target, I will complete the rally in a Love Your Nuts Speedo (Sutherland and Matroosberge included€¦)

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