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Nomads Golf are a registered NPO that raises funds and donate to a selected beneficiary in a region each year. Nomads have donated over R35 million since inception. Funds are raised for a tangible asset that can be handed over and this year Northerns Nomads have selected Save The Waterberg Rhino.

6 of us crazy old golfers have decided to cycle 300kms over 3 days on Mountain Bikes from Pretoria to Marakele Game Reserve so we can donate the bikes and keep close to the project we are raising funds for. This all happens in Winter from 14 to 17 August 2019 and hope to be sponsored per km ridden.

Our beneficiary wishlist is as follows:

  • 2 x antipoacher buggys (+- R20,000 each)
  • 12 X GPS radios (+- R60,000)
  • Rhino Calf Feed (+- R5000 per month)

Why would we like you to contribute?

The Waterberg is one of the most significant conservation areas for rhino in South Africa, and is home to the second largest concentration of rhino populations, next to the Kruger National Park, with approximately 1 250 white and black rhino remaining in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve.
The Waterberg habitat is suitable for white and black rhino and is historically an important place for the recovery of the species.
It is therefore critical that rhinos remain within this area, and so Save the Waterberg Rhino, is at the forefront of trying to save this last frontier for the rhino. With our national parks under siege by poachers, Waterberg’s rhino population is vital to the survival of the species.

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