NMG Charity Challenge 2021


At NMG, we partner with smaller charities in South Africa, supporting inspiring people who have committed their lives to making a difference to those who need their help the most; children who have either been abandoned, abused, born disabled, or orphaned by HIV.

The NMG Charity Challenge is an annual fundraising event driven by NMG employees, globally. For three months (June to August), employees across the NMG Group participate in sporting and fitness activities, charity auctions, and volunteerism within local communities to raise funds for four (4) organisations, each carefully selected for their proven track record in hugely improving children’s lives. These charities are:

  • Tembisa Child Welfare in Johannesburg,
  • Elundini Centre for Disabled Children in Cape Town,
  • Uviwe Child Services in the Eastern Cape, and
  • Thanda After-School Care in KwaZulu-Natal.

Each year, funds raised through Charity Challenge are presented to organisations that make a difference in children’s lives. The yearly contribution from NMG provides a welcome respite from the constant financial struggles these organisations face to survive and thrive.

With the global Covid-19 pandemic raging on, the children needs us now more than ever to rise up. Every bit helps and as is customary in our Charity Challenge, we match every dollar, pound, euro, pula and rand raised, doubling the value of your donation.


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