Abigail Fortuin lives in Darling on the West Coast of South Africa, a small little town surrounded by farms. She is the current U/16 South African Cross Country champion after she also won the U/15 title the previous year.                                                                                                                                                                  However, the Coronavirus hit and ruined her dreams of trying to win a third title, the U/17 South African Cross Country title. But she intends to do her best this year to grab the U/18 title and kept practising, mostly on her own, throughout the lockdown periods.
Abigail, now 17, lives on a farm with her parents, brother and sister and is also a Boland track athlete.
She ran her best time in the 1500m race at Daljosafat Stadium in Paarl in March 2020, when she won the U/19 interprovincial race.  What makes that victory so remarkable is that she was only 16 years old at the time.  Her dream is to represent her country at the next and future Olympics.

Sadly, it might only remain a dream as her parents, both farm workers, does not have the financial means to meet the needs of such a big dream. The cost of the proper running shoes, the right food to keep her fit and healthy and transport to and from the different sports events is way beyond their means.

My name is George April and I am asking for your help on behalf of Abigail and her parents. I am Abigail`s manager/trainer for almost two years now and helped as much as I could with my income as a construction worker, but it is hard to keep up. Also, I am turning 65 in May and might not be able to go on with such hard labour for much longer.

I got involved with upcoming athletes in the area because I feel that, when my children grew up, I didn`t spend enough time with them and their sports activities. I know one can never make up for lost time, but I would really like to give it my best shot and is now dedicated to make a difference in young and upcoming athlete`s lives while I am still able to.

Abigail is also finishing the end of 2021 at  Riebeeck Castle Special School. In addition to her big athletic dreams, she would like to further her education at West Coast College in Malmesbury.

Today I am asking for your financial support to help make Abigail and other`s dreams come true if you are I any way able to do so.

Financial support from you will help me help Abigail to reach her dream. Will you help please?


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