My first world champs


My first world champs

Since 2014 i have qualified for 8 World Champs but i have never been able to attend due to the lack of funding. This year however i have decided to give it a go by focussing all my efforts into fundraising. I know all of us sit in the same boat in that it is always self funded and some are fortunate enough to be able to attend, but others just dont have the means to. I am not going to feel sorry for myself anymore and this time i am going :) I raised alot of money for my school back in 2007 and was awarded the Top Debutante for doing so, so ive done this before, it should be easy right, although i had a year to do that. Well lets give it a go and see what i can do!

I have always be dedicated and strong willed in achieveing things ive set my mind to. Now im not going to promise that i will podium at world champs but i will definitely try to. I mean this will be a field of the top athletes in the world, its not just some weekend event. I have alot of fellow triathlete friends who would die to be able to compete in a World Champs and often i feel that i shouldnt compete as i am stealing there spots to be able to go to World Champs, what a sad thought. 

I am hoping that there are some generous people out there that are willing to contribute something towards my fundraising efforts. I will be forever grateful and hopefully one day i will be able to return the favor in some way or another. 

If you would like to get to know more about me please visit my website 

If you contrbute or wanted to contribute i salute you, THANK YOU!

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