Mila Lombard


Mila Lombard - The little NEC survivor

On the 11th of August at around 20h30 a very dear friend of mine, Theo Lombard called me, to give the good news of the birth of his twin girls. They were born 32 weeks premature but in good health.

Just a couple of days after that the twins were diagnosed with Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

This virus basically cause the intestines to die. Lene who was the first born twin had to undergo 3 surgeries where most of the small intestine was removed. She fought hard but sadly did not   survive and only lived for 2 weeks of her little life.

Her sister Mila was transported to Sandton Medi Clinic to undergo further treatment for the virus.

Mila underwent the same operation on 31 August. The doctors came back after the operation with the bad news that MIla's small intestine had to be removed as it was completely dead. Only 9cm remained.

She underwent a second surgery on the 2nd of September to join the intestines again. Although she is very ill, she is also fighting and everyone is in good faith about her recovery. If Mila stays in fair health and keep improving, she will be in hospital for at least another 10 months.

The medical bill for the late Lene came to  R 625,000.00 and the medical aid will only cover a portion of the bill. In addition to this, Mila still remain in the Sandton Medi Clinic. Future operations are inevitable and there is an option for Mila to receive an intestine transplant. This can unfortunately not be done in SA. These operations are done in the USA.

The financial implication on this family is enormous and any donations will be much appreciated.    

Please share this article on your social media platforms so we can get this precious angel the treatment to live a normal and happy life!

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