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Dear friends

As some of you might (or might not) know, Martin van Rooyen was in a serious car accident last week. He urgently needs funding and is currently being transferred from one public hospital to another...

As you all know, the state of public hospitals are terrible - each one lacking something new to proceed with the urgently required operation to fix his broken legs and ribs. Please help us by donating R25! Even if you can only afford R5 - every donation will help!

One person can't change the world, but if everyone in the world does one small thing at a time, we can bring about change in this broken world. Just imagine if you were in his shoes - far from home in a public hospital, in pain and stressing about when (and if) a public hospital will be able to help him.

If he goes to a private hospital, the operation alone is going to cost +- R500 000. One person can't afford R500 000, but 20 000 people can afford R25!

It might sound like a lot of people, but with the power of social media we can reach thousands of people if we all donate, share and ask all our facebook friends to donate and share as well. Our country is falling apart and we can't help everyone every day. But this month we can help Martin!


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