Martin's Hearing Dog


Why does Martin need a Hearing Dog? 

Martin suffers from epilepsy and hearing loss, and thus finds day to day activities, that you and I may find easy, much more difficult. Martin needs a Medical Altert Dog to give him peice of mind and make him feel safe in his everyday routines. A service dog will be trained for Martin's specific needs by Lucy Breytenbach from Honey's Garden Medical Alert Dogs. All of their service dogs undergo stringent testing, including the KUSA Canine Good Citizen Award to Gold standard. Martin will need a dually-trained dog due to having both epilepsy and hearing loss. Training a Medical Alert Dog costs R70 000, and that is why we need your help! 

This will be the first hearing dog trained in South Africa! Please help in making history and helping Martin receive a Medical Alert Dog trained in both hearing response and seizure response. 

Here's more information on the Medical Alert dog for Martin:

Hearing Dogs:

Hearing Dogs are able to assist people with partial to full hearing loss by alerting them to sounds
in their environment. They give their owners a sense of freedom and renewed self-esteem. Being
deaf can be extremely frustrating and scary for anybody, we aim to help our patients to feel safer
and more secure in their environment, and ease the fear that they may experience. A hearing dog
can also relieve the loneliness and isolation that many deaf people feel in a world which relies so
heavily on sound.
The service dog can be a bridge whilst in the outside world by providing more opportunities to
socialise. People with hearing dogs report that they feel better equipped to function in a hearing
Hearing dogs are trained to recognise specific sounds, make physical contact with their owners,
and give a trained alert signal accordingly and lead their person to the source of the sound.

  • Hearing dogs can be trained to alert their owners to the presence of an intruder.
  • Children in particular feel safer being left alone when left with their hearing dog.
  • Hearing dogs are trained to respond to verbal and hand signals.

For people with hearing loss, the absence of sound can be life-threatening. We understand the
seriousness of this and endeavour to train quality reliable service dogs for our people in need.
Our hearing dogs can be trained to respond to a variety of sounds, including but not limited to:

  • Intruders
  • Doorbells
  • Phone or clock alarms
  • Car hooters
  • Their owners name
  • Telephone/TDD/TTY
  • Smoke Detector
  • Emergency vehicle sirens
  • Kettle boiling
  • Somebody knocking at the door

Seizure Response Dogs:

There are a number of conditions that can cause a person to have seizures. Our dogs are trained
to respond when a seizure happens by carrying out custom trained tasks depending on the nature
of the seizures and a person’s situation. The following tasks give an example of how our dogs are
capable of assisting:

  • Alert barking when a seizure begins
  • Getting help from another person or pressing an emergency button
  • Deep pressure therapy during the seizure
  • Tactile stimulation during a seizure (licking fingers or toes)
  • Providing comfort and assistance after a seizure
  • Protecting the persons head or body from harm

A seizure response dog can also give a person more independence by accompanying them in
public and providing general emotional support, as with all of our trained service dogs. They
can carry emergency medication when out and about as well as important emergency care
information regarding the handler’s medical condition.
As a person recovers from a seizure, the medical alert dog can do the following things to assist:

  • Retrieve a phone, medications or food
  • Act as a brace to help the person stand
  • Provide deep pressure therapy for comfort

We have raised R30 000 so far, but now need the remaining R40 000 for Martin to receive his dog. 

There are two beautiful pups currently being monitored and the pup that is more suitable for Martin will be trained to become his own Medical Alert Dog! Once funds are received, training can begin!

We at Amtroninx Diagnostics, and on behalf of Martin and Lucy, would like to thank you for your donation!

You can monitor Martin's funding progress as well as the dog chosen for him on our Facebook page: Amtronix Diagnostics. 

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