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Dear Friends and Family

My husband Marius, father to his son Jett has been admitted to ICU after battling with his kidneys from 2011 and since March this year it's sadly progressed to stage 5 kidney failure,  which now requires a constant need of kidney dialysis including Diabetes treatment. 

 This has had a massive emotional and financial impact on us as a family and especially for Marius as the bread winner in our family has not been able to work in the last couple of years. 

Our medical aid has only been able to support us partially due to the exclusion of chronic medication for pre existing conditions, we have limited funds available to carry on with the dialysis without further financial assistance. 

Due to the severity of his illness Marius is not able to work which has limited our income severely. We have no option but to resort to crowd funding.

Marius has contributed immensely to the fitness industry: Mr South Africa, World champion, Mr. Universe, IFBB PRO, 2011 IFBB PRO show winner and Olympia contender where he also won the most improved IFBB Pro.

As man of God Marius decided to quit bodybuilding and go into ministry. But it would never happen as before Marius' ministry took foot he got terminally ill. 

I'm hoping and praying that the industry and his fans will show their support during this trying time, allowing him the chance to restore his health back to normal where he can return to his family  and continue to dedicate his life to serve God and the fitness industry he loves so much! 

We would appreciate any donation and thank you in advance for your generosity and support during this trying time for the Dohne family.



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