Lycée du Cap WATER SAVING project


Our children are very serious about saving water, how can we help them make a real difference?

Your donations will be used to purchase rain water tanks and to connect them to the school's hygiene facilities. To give you an idea, a tank of 5000 litres provides water for 500 toilet flushes. Small donations can also be used to purchase water saving devices for water taps, as well as hand sanitizer. The Lycée Français 2018 budget does not include provisions for these unforeseen investments - that is why we need your generous support.

Here are examples of possible donations:

  • Water tap nozzle (50 needed): R 100
  • 5 bottles of 200 ml of hand sanitizer (50 packs needed): R 350
  • A 5000 L rain water tank (2 needed): R 6000
  • A 10,000 L rain water tank (2 needed): R 12,000
  • Plumbing work to connect tanks to school facilities (2 days of work needed, one for Sea Point and one for Hope Street): R 20,000

Let's show the children that we are as serious as they are about saving water.

Let's support their efforts by making the school more water sustainable!

Please do not hesitate to contact the French School Water Committee to request more information about water saving projects or to receive a receipt for your donation:

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