Looking After Pottie


As many of you know our Dad 'Pottie' was admitted to intensive care whilst on a family holiday in Greece on the Saturday 9th June 2018. 

After suffering from sever headaches, sickness and exhaustion, initial tests revealed a suspected Brain Tumour (later revealed to be abscess on the brain). In order to receive the right treatment Pottie has had to be transported to a specialist medical unit in Athens to receive further testing and treatment. 

We have been astounded by the medical care that he has received since being admitted and have been given clarity on the following: 

    •    Saturday 9th - Pottie received successful treatment to drain the part of the abscess on the brain 

    •    Swelling on the brain remains and requires further treatment

    •    Fluid on the lungs has built up from time in treatment and requires specialist care

    •    At this point his consciousness remains medically controlled

We feel positive about his progress, but have been made aware that the best course of action would be to stabilise his condition and get him back to a familiar environment at home, in South Africa, where we can continue the bulk of treatment and recovery process. 

The cost of treatment over the past 4 days has already amounted to 21,000 Euros (R330 000) but we are very conscious that this is only the start of this journey we are going through as a family and the future cost of treatment remains unclear. 

We are so extremely grateful for the support we have received from those in our family, friends and wider community. Your prayers and positivity means the world to us. 
We hope that this page provides those who wish to support us with the opportunity to do so, and again thank you whole heartedly for the ongoing support. 

Any donations will go directly and explicitly towards 'Looking After Pottie'; and if we are in the fortunate position to raise any surplus amount this will be donated to a Charity of our Parents choice. 

We would like to thank anyone who chooses to donate to this cause from the bottom of our hearts, your kindness and generosity really does mean the world to us during this challenging time. 

All of our love,

Phil, Jeans & Loch x

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