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How do I start, not good with writing letters, but I just have to, because our friends are in desperate need for a wheelchair for their son. Let me start with the reason he is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. About 4-5 years ago John at the time was 16 years old was in a serious motorbike accident on his way home from school. One tragic afternoon changed their life's forever. He sustained serious injuries and he is parilized from his waist down and need special care. Ottolien and Johnny, his parents are struggling emotionally and financially and would do anything for him. They have already given up so much in life just to survive and support John in the best possible way. I wish I had the financial freedom to assist them, but unfortunately what I can help with is a drop in the ocean. Therefore, today I come and plead for help for this desperate family that really needs everyone's help. John will be turning 21 in July 2019 and it would be my greatest wish to be able to give him the wheelchair for his birthday. I hope and pray to GOD, that the angles will read this and take the next step in fulfilling John's needs and dreams. Please send me message via messenger or WhatsApp 0823003022 for more details. FROM ONE ANGEL TO ANOTHER
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