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We are a ladies charity group based in Kilombero, Tanzania.  We raise funds to uplift the local community.  Our latest project is to help an orphanage who caters for 64 children,  aged 4 to 15.  This orphanage receives very little funding and the conditions in which these children live is heartbreaking.

We recently visited the orphanage to provide basic food supplies, pots, cleaning materials, crockery, stationery and toys for each child.

We are raising funds to:
* cement the floor (currently sand)
* build a boys and girls toilet facility (currently a temporary structure with 1 long drop for all 64 children to share)
* construct a small structure outside the building, where the couple looking after the orphanage, can cook (currently they cook inside the living/sleeping room when it rains)
* install wooden doors and mosquito screen doors (currently no doors)
* complete the wall separating the boys and girls sleeping areas (currently only half built)
* plaster the walls (currently the walls aren't complete and aren't plastered)
* purchase mattresses for the children to sleep on (currently the children sleep on woven plastic bags)

Your contributions will certainly assist in making these lives a little easier and more comfortable. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and be used to complete this building and make it a happy, safe environment for these children to grow, play and learn!

From us all Asante Sana * Thank You

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