Jeffrey's story


Jeffrey's story

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Just a bit about me, Vincent Baasch, the writer of this page. You are welcome to call me on my South African cell number 072 912 4663 if you feel you need more assurance before making a contribution. My email address is 

I was approached by Charity, Jeffrey's mother, as she had no one else to turn to. I know Charity and have met Jeffrey a number of times. Charity works as a domestic cleaner in Seapoint Cape Town.

Jeffrey is a final year BSc IT student at UCT. He has given me a copy of his UCT statement of account which gives his name, student number and amount oustanding. I have called the accounts team at UCT myself and they have confirmed that he is indeed a final year B Sc student. They have also confirmed that his fees (tuition and lodging) for 2017 have not been paid, a total of approximately R75,000. Jeffrey has also supplied me with a copy of his NBT results for the years 2014 to 2016 but the fact that UCT has confirmed that he is indeed a final year BSc student is I think sufficient proof.

I set up this page for Jeffrey and have committed the first R7,500. The final amount raised through Candystick, will be deposited into one of my bank accounts and I will pay UCT this money directly. It will not go via Jeffrey or Charity's accounts.

I can't attach documents or scans to this page but would be more than happy to email you a copy of his UCT statement if you wanted to see that before helping. 

Here are the details of Jeffrey's story

Through his determination, and in spite of coming from Zimbabwe, one of the poorest and most dysfunctional countries on earth, Jeffrey managed to secure a place at the University of Cape Town in 2014 to study towards a Bachelor of Science in IT, a 4 year degree.

He has passed his first 3 years and is currently in his final year.

But now, just 6 months away from the completion of his degree and graduation, calamity has struck.

His father, who has been paying for the costs of Jeffrey's education since 2014, does not have the money to pay for his final year. Zimbabwe is in a pre-election period and as a result has once again been plunged into utter political and economic turmoil. Jeffrey's father has not been able to secure the required US dollars, only available on the black market, and Jeffrey's tuition and boarding fees for 2017 remain unpaid.

The University has been patient for the first 4 months of the year, but is now threatening to block Jeffrey's access to the digital portal, tuition and the right to take exams.

Unless Jeffrey finds the R75,000 (about £4,500 GBP or $5,600 US) soon he may not be allowed to sit his mid year exams in June. He will be sent back to Zimbabwe and all the work and money that has been poured into getting him within the finishing line of his B Sc IT degree will have been wasted. He and his family will most probably face a future of poverty and misery. His student visa will not be renewed.

When I heard of Jeffrey's plight I was moved to create this page to try and help. What will become of this young man and his family if he doesn't get help?

Can you imagine what an IT degree from South Africa's top university will do for the future of Jeffrey and his family? And he is so close to realising his dream!

To get the ball rolling I have pledged R7,500 (about £450). I was hoping to find 9 friends who could match my donation - but any amount, no matter how small, would be appreciated.

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