Ian's Urgent Medical Help


Hi Every One

I am appealing to you all with every ounce of my heart, we are trying to put funds together for Ian's removal of his teeth, we are not sure if the medical aid will cover his operation where they need to remove all of his teeth in theater.

We are also running low on funds for all unforseen medical expenses, our main concern is to ensure that if he needs any medical help, there is money available for him to get the best treatment, as soon as we save funds something comes up and the funds are used.

Our little darling angel is fighting this DIPG cancer with all his might and heart and we want to make sure that we can help the family with money the minute they need it.

Please can i ask if you can share or donate, every cent means the world to this darling family and we are so grateful for every thing, prayers, shares, messages and all the love and support.


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