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One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and the world is the freedom to follow our curiosity. As a young man growing up in Langa, Sive Busakwe’s biggest curiosity has always been sound and music. Using the limited equipment at his disposal, he has been producing music for several years but is now looking for the opportunity to turn his passion and skills into a career.

Cape Audio College is recognised as one of the best educational institutions in the sound industry. Their Higher Certificate in Sound Technology and Production is a one-year course that provides students with both the practical skills and the qualification needed to gain access to the industry. Over the years, the course has produced DJs who have gone on to attain international renown and ‘live sound’ experts who are working for, or running, high-quality event production companies in South Africa. The facilities at the college are excellent, but it also has a radio station and various societies that would give Sive the hands-on experience he needs to kickstart a career in sound.

Sive’s parents can not afford the tuition fees of R64,500. His mother is a teacher in the Eastern Cape, and his father lives in Langa and is unemployed.

I have known Sive since 2013, when we met through an NGO called Life Choices, who were assisting Sive after identifying him as one of the sharper learners in his region. I agreed to mentor him through his Matric in 2014, and our relationship has continued as he has gone through the after-school transition that so much of South Africa’s non-privileged youth struggle with. Throughout our time together I have been impressed by Sive’s integrity, discipline and passion for life. His desire to take his sound journey further is strong, and I believe he deserves such an opportunity.

To that end, my wife and I are committed to helping him as much as we can. We have decided that if we can crowd fund 50% of the tuition fees, we will match that and pay the other 50%. Should the crowd funding target be exceeded, the extra money will go towards Sive’s living costs while he is studying.

If you want, you can see Sive telling his story in this video.

Please help us make Sive’s dream a reality.

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