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On 23 April 2017 we experienced the greatest loss when we lost my partner and father of my 2year old daughter to a very short but VERY intense battle to cancer. I have since been hospitalised twice for ruptured internal hemorrhoids and internal bleeding caused by me carrying him and him constantly falling on me when he went completely paralysed due to the tumors aggressively spreading through his brain. He was a broken man -physically and emotionally so I made him a promise that his knees will never touch the ground again unless it was his choice, this promise caused him to constantly fall on me, mainly in my lap and on my abdomain region. I am currently on bed rest at the MediClinic following my second surgery on 5 September. All the medical bills are flooding my inbox (after my medical aid paid their portion and I added all of the contributions received from his amazing frienda I still have well over R 10 000 in bills from surgery #1. I am petrified of the next round of bills as the operating time was almost quadruple alongside my 3 week hospital stay. I need my mother to move to Cape Town to help us not only deal with his death but also assist with my daughter and help us try to create a life worth living wthout him. We are in the process of setting up work interviews for her but in the intrim I can't afford anything in life. I can literally pay my rent,buy diapers, food here and there and pay towards Ciscas school fees that has been outstanding since end of April. I need my mom to help me get out of this very dark hole and start building a future for myself and my beautiful Cisca. Please share far and wide so I can get mom here amd get rid of this mountain of financial strain I am under. Greatly appreciated!
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