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Update - 25 Nov

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give a final update to those following before this campaign closes next week. 

Dad is still fighting hard to get back home - it's been a long 3 month stint. He has been between Spescare Rehab Clinic and Mediclinic since having his surgery on 17 Oct, and has been fighting off a number of infections. 

He has a very complex internal medicine condition with regards to his diabetes, renal failure and recent amputation. So as one area is healed, it seems another is affected. 

But we remain positive and are now hoping to reach the next goal of Dad returning home by his birthday on 7 Dec. 

Thank you once again to each & every single one's love, support, generosity and kindness. Without you, we would not have gotten through these last 3 months. No words can express our gratitude. 

We are not sure how long the road ahead will be, but believe that with every day that goes by, we are getting closer to a better result. 

My contact details are listed below for those who would like an update after the campaign is closed next week. 

We are humbled, thank you! 



082 8733 963


24 Oct - Bravery at its best!

I am so proud and in admiration of my Dad that I couldn't help but share this post with you all! 

Imagine going to sleep one day and waking up the next, without being able to jump out of bed and walk? Waiting for someone to come and help you sit upright? Realising that you're at the mercy of others? Tough feat in itself. Now imagine that without pain relief? 

My Dad has kidney dialysis treatment 3 times per week and when he does so, all pain relief is flushed out of his system. For a number of hours after dialysis, he still can't have pain relief as blood and water levels need to stabilise. 

So after having massive surgery last Tuesday, he was pretty much without pain relief on Wednesday (just 1 day later) and Friday. Yet, he pushed through and managed. To top it all, there was an issue with his right leg drain which had to be removed in theatre this morning. Yet, look at this man below? Look at that smile? So incredibly brave, strong, positive and admirable! 


These last few weeks have been an incredible experience with you and to be honest, before your big surgery, I wasn't convinced that you were strong enough to handle these life changes. 

I knew I had to be positive and knew I couldn't break down in front of you, so I did so in silent, out of your view.

But you sure as hell have proved me wrong! You have been stronger than I could ever have imagined! Through your fears, devastation, tears and pain (at times without pain meds/relief!) you have smiled, you have been more positive than I could only have hoped for and you have come out on top! 

17 Oct 2017 was a life changing day for you, but you sound and look happier than you have been in many months! Today, 1 week later and you are on the road to recovery with a broad smile! 

I am in absolute awe of your strength and determination and I am so incredibly proud of you! Thank you for being my Dad and for showing me that positivity and belief conquers all fears! I love you. ??

UPDATE - 12 Oct

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, thank you to each and everyone for your continued love, support and generosity. It has been profound and I personally am forever grateful and indebted to you all.

After a rollercoaster 6 weeks in hospital and multiple procedures, Dad was transferred to a rehabilitation centre at the beginning of last week. Here he has been working very hard with a physiotherapist to strengthen his upper body to improve his mobility.  His feet have been treated on average 3 times per day to keep them as healthy as possible and although infection has been treated with antibiotics, it appears that Dad's feet have deteriorated to the point that infection has now penetrated the bone.

Today, was a super tough day for Dad and his family. The Medical Professionals confirmed that although they have been fighting the foot ulcers together with Dad for the last 8 weeks, unless drastic changes are made, this situation will become life-threatening due to the increasing infection. After agreement between the family, medics and ultimately Dad as the final decision maker, Dad will undergo Bilateral Amputation Surgery next week. He will be transferred back to Mediclinic on Monday and will undergo surgery on Tuesday morning.

A very tough decision for my Dad to make today, but we are forever grateful that he has made the right decision as we believe that once the healing and recovery processes are complete, that he will be able to enjoy quality of life again.  A long road ahead physically and emotionally, but with all our family and friends continued love and support, he will remain positive and will come out stronger.

A message from Dad tonight:

My wife and I would like to thank you all for your support and prayers. We are eternally grateful and very overwhelmed by everyone's kindness.

I will update again in due course and if anyone would like to get in touch, my email is or 082 8733 963.

Thanks again for your amazing support.  



This fundraiser is for my Dad, Steven Drury to assist with his medical costs.  He has been a diabetic for over 25 years now, and  is also a kidney dialysis patient, 3 times per week.  

Over the last few months, my Dad has spent more time in hospital than out, due to foot ulcers on both his feet. A few weeks ago, he had revascularisation done on both his legs to try and improve blood flow and oxygen to his feet. Whilst the surgeries in themselves were successful, it appears that his feet are in more trouble than anticipated. Both feet were debrided, however has not resulted in the outcome we were hoping for.  

In order to save his feet, merely for appearance and to avoid further surgeries and further complications  which will likely  only have negative  results  due to him being diabetic and his organs  already being compromised, my Dad has been advised that no further use of his feet is permitted.  Not even to rest his feet on the ground or on any type of surface whilst sitting or  lying down. He's  legs need to rest on a surface and his feet pretty much need to hang over the surface for the foreseeable future.  No contact or pressure to the feet whatsoever.

Whilst amputation of both feet seems inevitable in the near future, we are trying everything possible to  save what he does have left of his feet whilst trying to heal the bad parts.

This news has obviously devastated our family and is a huge emotional and psychological setback for my Dad.  A man who lives for his career and is incredibly proud now needs to be confined to a wheelchair, unable to drive his vehicle, unable to go for walks with his grandchildren and so much more.  He will need 24 hour assistance until he is able to improve his mobility independently and will require a driver and assistance at least 3 times a week when going for dialysis.

Yesterday, he received his wheelchair with specialised leg rests to keep his legs up at a 90 degree angle at all times  whilst sitting in the chair. He is receiving physio and rehabilitation to learn how to move from the wheelchair to a bed, regular chair or bathroom facilities with legs at 90 degrees. Not an easy feat.

Whilst Dad has sufficient medical aid coverage for his diabetes and dialysis requirements, the  changes to his life will of course need to be made, and these come  at a cost.  Paraplegic equipment, renovations to his bathroom at home to facilitate his needs, a driver / carer to assist with dialysis treatments 3 times per week to name but a few. Sadly, financial provision has not been put in place for these unforeseen changes and although I personally can help where possible, neither my Dad nor I am  able to fund all these changes and needs alone.

I am  therefore  putting  my pride in my pocket today  and I  appeal to anyone who is willing and  able to  spare a few Rands to Help Me Help my Dad during this very difficult transition and life changing situation.

Should anyone wish to contact me privately, please feel free to email me on

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!  


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