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Hi there Folks :) I am creating this page to ask you wonderful people out there to please help me return to Study.

I have two routes I could take it and ideally I'd like to go with the first one which is studying Restoration (focusing on ceramics and pottery) at The South African Institute for Heritage Science & Conservation ( This has been something I've wanted to do for years, but unfortunately I cannot afford it.

My second route (if applications for the restoration studies don't work out), would be to either continue my Archaeology studies or to start a new degree in either Early Childhood Development, or Museum and Artefact studies.

I have been working as an au pair/nanny for the past three years but I do have an undergrad bachelor's degree in Archaeology and Heritage and Cultural Tourism. However due to it only being an undergraduate degree, it is somewhat useless in the job/career searching field. I am hoping to further my studies to find a more practical and sure way of finding work in something I both enjoy and have actually studied for. Unfortunately I have not been able to save with my current job, and finding the funds has been somewhat hard to come by. If I could just manage to cover the first year, I can then look into scholarships and bursuries. 

Any help to achieve my goal of returning to studying and building a career would be greatly appreciated. If you cannot help me out, never fear, I understand, times are tough everywhere. If you are able to help me out, thank you an infinite amount :) All the best

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