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Because of a set-back that was caused by my auto-immune disease I lost feeling in my leg having to use a (K)AFO brace to help me walk. I love the outdoors and being active. Some of the activities that I have continued doing and what the brace is helping me to accomplish is:

  • Walking/Running- Partaking in events and races
  • Hiking- recently I hiked Table Mountain
  • Horse Riding- This has always been a passion, even before my set-back.


Unfortunately, my brace was only a temporary fix and the new one has a significant cost. The life of the temporary one has now run out and needs to be replaced as it is broken and hurting causing more damage and bruising to my leg and body.

I had some of the funds saved up, but this had to be allocated to a recent fight against a life-threatening illness and another flare-up as my medical aid had run out.

I have a will to achieve, inspire and motivate. I love life and want to do it to the best of my abilities.

I am reaching out to this network to raise funds for a new brace together with Grant Monaghan & associates to allow me to replace my broken brace with a new one, that will help me continue enjoying life to the fullest.

Here is a link to my Facebook profile should you want to view some of my recent adventures:

Thank you to my friends and family, Grant Monaghan & Associates and S.A. Horse Trails for all your support and help through the last year!!

Please help me fund my new brace and help me to embrace my life to the fullest.






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