Help me record my first Single!


Hi, my name is Michelle Malan.   I am a 29-year-old Singer/Songwriter.  Previously I was part of a band named Stadsboer where I spent 6 years doing what I love.  I wrote a song called “Tussen die Duine” which featured on several compilation albums such as “Liefde gaan Groot”, “Treffer na Treffer” and a few more. I also wrote “Meer as Genoeg” which featured on Afrikaans is Groot Vol 7.  Meer as Genoeg made it to Number 1 on Groot FM Radio and was one of the KykNet’s MVP (Music Video Project) winners where it was sponsored a Music Video to the value of R50 000.

I am on my way to start my solo career and to do this, I need to record my first single. 

I would love to record the new song I wrote, and I believe that people will be able to relate to it.  I had my first meeting at the recording studio and I am about to send them my Demo, the first step in achieving my dream!

I will be working with the best professionals in the industry to guarantee the best result. 

I will be posting updates on my Instagram account so PLEASE follow me to stay in touch! @michellem.104

Please support me in this journey and help me make my dreams come true.

Love, Michelle xx

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