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Gideon Murray is the manager and instructor at Canterbury Equestrian center. He is in need of a major opp on his leg which this could affect his lively hood as horses is his passion. In 2011 he had a very bad motorbike accident. Now 8 yrs later the bone has now got an infection which could affect him and his life as he knows it. The opp is going to cost R209000 which will be done at the Hilton life hospital. If Gideon cant come up with the funds this could negative affect his life and livelihood. We pleading to all out there to assist us by trying to raising this money in question on his behalf. This man is a gem to a lot of us in many ways. He is an asset to Canterbury and anyone whom has meet him knows he deserve this chance to carry on doing passion. My son has done so well at horse riding due to Gideon's open heart and dedication to the kids. No matter how big or small every little bit will help this man. Thanking you all in advance for your act of kindness and may the lord bless you.
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