Get Gabby to Belarus: Powerlifting World Championships


Gabby de Gouveia, my legendary sister, has been selected to represent South Africa in the POWERLIFTING World Championships being held in Belarus this June! I know this has been a goal that my sister has been working toward over many years and FINALLY it has arrived. It's an achievement being selected for such an occasion but its another thing getting there- I know my sister would LOVE to go (and if I am honest, I feel like all her dedication, commitment and training has earned her a place there) and that's why I have created this moneybox, to help GET GABBY TO BELARUS.... please!

Having being selected on such short notice and not having all the necessary funds, it would really be a blessing if she could receive some help (should you wish to help). Here is a breakdown of the costs just so that you know where the money is being spent and that every cent asked for is necessary to make this trip happen:

R12 000 - Approx Cost of Flights

R10 800 €“ Accommodation & Meals

R3 500 €“ Competition Fee

R2 300 €“ SA Team Kit

R5 675 €“ IPF Approved Gear

If you have any additional questions please dont hestitate to email me:

I would like to thank everyone in advance for taking time to read this and a BIG thank you to those who have contributed to this exciting adventure!

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