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On the 30th of April Marnus 2016 Marnus was involved in a car accident. His vehicle rolled more then 60 meters and the airbag did not go off. At the hospital nurses just kept wanting him to sit down and give him headache tablets. Four hours later he passed out and went for an MIR Scan, more then a third of his brain was already filled with blood, emergency brain surgery was scheduled that lasted 4 to 5 hours. Marnus was in a coma for 5 and a half weeks. Dr said he was going to be braindead which mean that they were going to switch the life support off or he would grow old on that bed and if he survived would be a living corpse and completely paralyzed on the left side from a stroke that he suffered. Marnus went to Midstream Rehab Center where he started making a miraculous recovery. But Marnus has myositis ossification in his waist and battles to walk and he also battles with his hands and has trouble with cognitive skills. He now shares his own personal testimony at churches, schools etc and the Simply Worship team is also involved. He also does charity work for Widows and orphans. I want to help Marnus raise the funds for his Stem Cell Treatment because he and his father encouraged myself and our families when my son in law was in a car accident in 2019, we didn't give up because of Marnus support and prayers. PLEASE HELP ME TO RAISE THE FUNDS HE NEEDS?????
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