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Dylan was born on 19 December 2009

He is on a very basic hospital plan medical aid, as a result all doctors visits, medication and imaging studies {X-rays, scans etc) are to be paid for up front. Even when he is admitted for treatment and surgery, the majority of specialists charge 3OO% or more above rnedical aid tariffs. His mother Juanita had to sell her car at one stage in order to cover an outstanding hospital account. Juanita has always been happy to go the route of the public hospitals when at all possible. Dylan has files at l.Johannesburg General Hospital for treatment of his sarcoma, 2. TARA for treatment of depression and 3. Red Cross Children's Hospital for investigation of his bowel obstructions.

Below is a summary of Dylan's medical history not necessarily in order of diagsnosis:

 CCALI of the lungs (cystic adenatoid malformation) E\ring sarcoma {cancer} of the mandible At age 5, he was found to have raised intracranial pressure and had a stroke. This left him with gross and fine motor difficulties, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, obsessive compulsive behaviour, depression and temper outbursts. Auto immune pancreatitis, Oesophageal stricture {causes difficulty in swallowing} Recurrent episodes of distended abdomen and bowel obstructions which were linally diagnosed as Hirschsprungns Disease by Red Cross Children's hospital in 2016. Due to his 1. gastrointestinal issues {difficulty swallowing, nausea and pain from the obstructions) and 2. post-stroke behavioral change (oral aversion and sensory processing disorder; to a level where he vomits or gags when he sees food), Dylan refuses to eat solids, he survives on formula, yoghurt and custard.

As a result he has seen numerous gastroenterologists in his life and in early 2O17, his mother was told that the only option moving forward is a gastric feeding tube placed surgically directly into his stomach. 

Any contributions towards Dylans Surgery will be greatly appreciated

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