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We are taking our kids show Florence & Watson & the Sugarbush Mouse to the Brighton Fringe Festival in the UK in May 2017 and we need your help!

There are crazy costs involved especially when traveling with rands. We've done the sums and there is basically no way the show can make any money out of the venture, but we want to do it anyway. 

We are excited about the opportunity to introduce an international audience to our show and book, and about where that opportunity may lead in the long run. We'd also really like to try and lose as little money as possible right now.

Thats where you come in! 

We need all the help we can get. No contribution is too small. Every rand counts. 

Anything that goes toward helping us cover the big basic costs like registration fees, flights, accommodation, and advertising will be a massive help.

We do want to incentivise people to donate larger amounts though so we're going to offer lots of interesting perks. 

We've got lots of Florence and Watson goodies to offer as thank you gifts: Books, audio books, stickers, tote bags & signed limited edition prints from the book.

  • Donations over R500 get a signed copy of the book.
  • Donations over R1000 get a book & audio book in a bag
  • For donations over R2500 you'll get a framed limited edition print from the book that will be hand signed by Lauren Fowler 

BUT there's more!

R5000 donations could get you any one of the the following:

  • A photoshoot with Dani.
  • A private stand-up comedy show for you and your friends in your home or a venue of your choosing with Rob.
  • A performance of Florence and Watson at your school, party or playground. 
  • A 3 session comedy/performance workshop with Rob
  • A performance for kids for/at the charity of your choosing - ie; Red Cross Children's Hospital an orphanage etc 

In fact if you have a great idea of another way that we could repay you for a generous donation please let us know and we'll see if we can make it happen.  

We're setting a target of R80 000! 

If we can make that Florence and Watson would be very greatful indeed.

Please contact us danielle.boschoff@gmail.com


or rob@robvanvuuren.com


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