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Hi all. My name is Isabella Wing, I am 13 years old. I started playing soccer when I was 9 years old and I have always had a passion for the sport. I have decided to create a community football club within the suburb I live in, called FFFC. FFFC stands for Fair Field Football Club which means all fair play on the field, as well as represents the area, Fairfield Estate. I started in September 2020 with just my sister and brother, today (November 2020) we have grown to 21 team members and have +/-2 new players join each week. Varying from 7yrs-17yrs, boys and girls, we train daily from 4pm-6pm in our local city park with the hope of participating in leagues in the near future. I am so proud that over the weeks and months the club has grown a lot. We learn different skills, disciplines and respect for one another and the game. Making new friends and learning how to work as a team with a good attitude is what we do. Our Code that we play by: /S - skill & strategy /O - opportunity & optimism /C - challenge & courage /C - change & chance /E - enthusiasm & excitement /R - respect & rules. My goal is to have boys and girls teams of different age groups that will play and represent FFFC in tournament and leagues. We would like to raise money for soccer equipment, kit, bibs and league fees. All money raised will go towards the benefit of the club. I thank you for helping me bring my passion to life. #FFFC
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