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Faith is Zoë's (my daughter's) former Nanny. She is a wonderful 33-year old woman who was working for me before Zoë went to creche. Faith finds herself in a very difficult situation. She is pregnant with the Baby due mid-January. Without a family network or partner and a low-paid job, where she has to work 45hours a week, it is impossible for her to raise the baby. Initially, she thought her only option was to give her baby up for adoption. After her first consultation with an adoption agency, she learned about another option for her - foster care. She was told that she can give her child into foster care and once she can prove that her life is stabilised she can take the child back and be a mom. In the case of foster care, she would be able to see and visit the baby. This option was such a great relief for her as she would really love to be a mom and keep her child. 

That is why Faith and I went on a quest to find foster parents or a foster home. Sending out an email and putting it on FB has brought wonderful responses. The search brought Leanne and Tim into Faith's life. They are a young couple passionate about helping mothers who find themselves in a situation like Faith. They had been thinking about this for a while and when Faith's story was forwarded to them, they responded immediately. They have decided to support Faith to keep her baby, to remain the baby's mother and become Faith's network. Said differently, we have found even more than Faith hoped for. 

In order to make this work, we still need financial resources for the baby and getting Faith on her feet to be an independent, stable, single mom. Please donate to assist the baby, Faith, Leanne and Tim. 

Please share this post as far and wide as you can. Feel free to email me on should you have further questions. And a BIG BIG thank you to everyone who is willing to help. 

P.S. For everyone abroad - you can only donate via credit card. It is a safe encrypted system. Also, the website asks for a minimum donation of R50 which refers to South African Rand which is about 3.50Euro/ 4USD. Please email me should you have further questions.

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