Dreaming of New York


Dreaming of New York

This is Veronica ( aka V ), she has worked for us for the past 10 years. She was working for us when we got engaged, attended our wedding and has been a 3rd parent to our 2 daughters. So she is part of the family.

What makes V so special is the lessons she is teaching me and my family on a daily basis. 

V came to work on a Monday 2 years ago and told us she had been to watch the end of the comrades the day before and has decided that next year should would like to try run. At the time we didn't take her seriously she had never run a day in her life. She then went and joined a local running club and started with the 4 km time trail - soon she was running 10kms to take part in a 4km run to then run 10kms home - so running 20kms to run 4 Kms with your club. It seemed crazy but she stuck to her guns and was soon running to work in the mornings and running home in the afternoons - we then realized she was being serious. 

Then came the qualifier her first marathon ever! The taxi arrived late and on arrival at the start line she was informed that the race had already started and her run would not count but she ran anyway and finished and would have qualified but it did not count. Heartbroken she came home lifted her spirits and prepared for the next maraothon the very next weekend and qualified. 

In 2015 she completed her first comrades on her first attempt and did so again the following year improving her time by over an hour - I think she will know run it every year till her body says enough. I could go on for days  telling you about all the battles she has endured but I'd take too much of your time.

So her dream now is to run the New York marathon. She has been taking on extra work to try save but that is going to take a very long time. Bless her soul - so I am looking for a small donation to help a big dream come true because she is so worthy of getting a chance and a gap in life and even though she is not a podium runner, her dedication and commitment that goes into achieving her dreams is insipiring and it just shows it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from... we are all capable of achieving our dreams.


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