Defend the Philippi Horticultural Area - PHA Campaign in court


If someone took the best one third of your house, would you celebrate having the rest of it "protected" ? The best part of "the house", without which the PHA cannot function, needs to be preserved in full. We have filed in the high court to protect ALL of the 3,169 hectare, 130 year old Philippi Horticultural Area. We need your help to see this through....  

So far - TWELVE development permissions that would ultimately see the complete destruction of the most productive horticultural area in South Africa have been granted. This - despite TEN LONG YEARS of participating in "due process" using 5 studies, a heritage ruling and some of the best testiment academics can provide. We volunteer hours a week, and have had to re-write the rules of engagement by communities. But alas the high court not allowing farmers to make representations to a judge (yet !). The Western Cape government is opposing us in court, alongside the developers. The will use OUR tax dollars against us. There is NOTHING left to stop the complete destruction of the PHA  - except this case. 

The PHA Campaign's work centres on the need to secure our constitutional rights. Firstly to food and water, over the seemingly automatic and overtly thoughtless construct that Development Uber Alles equals progress. Consol Sand has also been given permission to open caste mine in the last unpaved recharge area for the Cape Flats Aquifer - directly threatening its viability as a future water supply for 1/3 of the city.  

Secondly, land and food TO EVERYONE. The 1/3 of the PHA given away to developers is exactly the 1/3 of the area allocated in policy for land reform. 500 existing organic farmers in Cape Town need land: they would deploy the agrarian reform methods so crucial to offset climate change (sinking up to one third of the city's carbon emissions) and protect the Cape Flats Aquifer from fertilisers and pesticides. 

Help secure sustainable land use, food and water for our children - for generations to come !  

Check out, Rainbow Warriors International YouTube link showing the clip titled:

Hands Off the PHA! - Philippi Horticultural Area Food and Farming Campaign



Defend the Philippi Horticultural Area - PHA Campaign in court

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