I am currently in the Fourth year of my undergraduate degree in Engineering (Mechatronics) at the University of Stellenbosch University. Coming from Harare in Zimbabwe, I moved to South Africa at the age of 8 and I matriculated in 2014 at Table View High School in Cape Town, where I have lived for the past 12 years. Being at Stellenbosch University over the past 4 years has been a blessing and a privilege. Not many young people are given the opportunities I have been given and I am forever grateful. In 2015 I was one of the one hundred Scimathus program candidates at the University whereby I took part on the program for a year. Scimathus is a yearlong university preparation bridging program in which students do mathematics and physical sciences for a year and can study any program of their choice the following year. I excelled in my studies and with the support of my lecturers and mentors I was able to get into the Engineering program the following year.


2018 was a challenging but great year for me. Being able to be part of a university with such great values and culture allowed me to expand my knowledge in all aspects. I was able to go on tour with the Maties Men’s Rowing Team and be a part of the Maties Athletics Team. I was also trusted with leadership roles in my residence of which I was really honoured. A few challenges I faced in 2018 where mainly financial challenges. These placed a emotional stress on both my family and I but despite that I managed to pass my main modules and move on to my fourth year. This year (2019) I am currently part of the matie buddy program with the international office and I will be a member of the esc social committee.

From my daily interactions with people, it becomes more apparent that my interpersonal skills prove that I am a people’s person. Furthermore, I am passionate about academics. I believe in living a balanced lifestyle. Like being an active member in society, student body and participating in sport all while maintaining academic excellence. From this I believe I am very studious and hard-working dedicated to achieving excellence. My tenacity and appreciation of hard work translate into my being a good team player, to which it is often said I bring an element of professionalism, positivity, and a productive energy. Furthermore, it is within this framework, not only in the classroom, but in various other aspects of my life that I strive to do my very best all the time. Personally I believe part of this entails having recognised the fact that one improves only if responds well to direction and criticism. I strive to the constant improvement and honing of my propensity to learn. At Table View High School I served various leadership positions like Cross country Head, House Captain (Athletics), Debating Chairperson and Captain of our Audio Visual Team. I was always approachable and showed interest in everyone. In doing so I gained the trust and respect of my school and community at large. This I believe, is proof to my dedication, ambition, and determination to succeed. Moreover, in these positions I have shown my willingness to go the extra mile.

My mother is a single parent, and serves as the sole breadwinner of the family. My mother has to look after my brother and I. She works as a cleaner for a couple of families in Cape Town and the money she makes is just enough to get us by on a day to day basis. It is undoubtedly that this responsibility has placed tremendous financial strain on her. It becomes more difficult for me to see her as hapless as she is unable to afford me tertiary education. My mother only finishing matric (Form four in Zimbabwe) values education knowing that is the only way out of a life of poverty. My brother is 19 years old and he is disabled, he Matriculated from Vista Nova high school in 2018. He will be commencing with his studies in 2019 as an Undergraduate student in Computer Sciences at The University of the Western Cape.

I realised from a very young age that I choose what person I will be and what impact I will leave on others. I will not choose the path of self-pity and victimisation. I stopped playing the part of the victim and started focusing on being the victor despite the many challenges I face. I chose to leave behind my story, a good story, a message of hope and inspiration to many especially those with a rural background.

This year (2019) I will be continuing with my studies in a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. Specializing in Mechatronics at Stellenbosch University. I will then academically be a fourth but primarily a fifth-year student. After completing my undergraduate degree. I aspire to complete an Honours degree, and thereafter a Masters and Doctorate degree. It is important for me to be a black academic, as there are not black academics in South Africa. I want to set a part for many to follow. In order to for me to change my tomorrow, it is important for me to be dissatisfied with where I am today. While great expectations leaves room for disappointment, I do not expect things to happen I do everything possible to make things happen. I am a firm believer that I am the master of my future.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could offer me financial assistance. This is an opportunity for me to make my dreams a reality. It will reciprocate by assuring you of my intent to benefit not only me in terms of learning the immeasurable value of things I will be taught at a work class institution like Stellenbosch University. But my community at large who’s interest I have at heart.

I am looking forward to a positive response.



Mr Dean Kucherera

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