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I was recently asked by a friend what my dream job would be and, without hesitation, I replied “Film Critic”. And by that I meant an onscreen journalist - in front of a camera, talking about anything and everything film-related.

Most people who know me, know I’ve always loved watching and talking about films and film-related things. Having a career doing this full-time would’ve been the dream, but life took me in a different direction - as it often does.  But now I’ve got a chance to reset and I’m asking you to help me do it.

With technology and the internet being what it is, I have an opportunity to achieve my dream career, one which doesn’t require me to go back to Uni and study for another 3 years. But in order for me to make the most of this opportunity, certain things are needed, such as a camera, lighting, a microphone and computer for editing. Things that I unfortunately cannot afford to purchase on my own.

So that’s what this page is about.

I’m reaching out to those who back me, and who are able and willing to contribute whatever they see fit, to help me buy the necessary equipment needed to begin this journey of chasing my dream career as an online film critic and seeing where it takes me.


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