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Raising Money For Caregiver & Medical Costs

My dad has stage 4 Liver Cancer which has spread to the pancreas & colon. He was diagnosed in September 2018 & given until December 2018 by the doctors as there were many reasons why he was not suitable for cancer treatment. So far he has exceeded the 3 months he was given by doctors but he is ailing, very thin & frail. Dad is 83 years old & is unable to take care of himself, he needs to be assisted in & out of bed, into a wheelchair & with all the daily routine things that we take for granted as being able to do. My mom is 81 with health issues of her own & not physically able to assist. They live with my brother Colin & his family but cannot be left alone when the family go off to work. His condition will worsen & we cannot cope without a 24 hour caregiver. We managed to find a wonderful caregiver who stay with them but naturally the she comes with a cost. Our family and my brothers family have very limited resources & this is why we appeal to each & every person who can to help us build this fund for my dad. The caregiver costs R6000 per month & we are hoping to raise enough to pay the caregiver for a further 3 months as well as having funds for adult diapers, medication & medical accounts that have built up.

Please consider helping us build this fund - it will be appreciated so very much


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