Cycling South Africa to Norway


What am I doing?

I am about to cycle from South Africa to Norway! From the most southern point on the African continent to the most northern point in Europe €“ and there will be just me and my bike!.. a little Norwegian girl with a big passion. I am so excited, nervous, happy.. all at the same time! I€™d love if you, yes YOU, want to help me finance getting a bicycle between my legs and a tent above my head! :-D

Who is this crazy girl? (I hear you saying!).. Is she not gonna die? What€™s her route? How many kilometres is it?! Is she bringing spare parts? How much does her panniers weigh? Will her bum ever recover?


Why am I doing this?

The whole thing started with me wanting to reduce my carbon footprint by cutting back on my activities that pollutes the most. I found that flying was my single most pollutive activity. I therefore decided to try to the best of my ability not to fly. This was back in 2012 and I have not flown on an aeroplane since.

I€™m Norwegian by birth, but South Africa has been my home for the last six years. Although it breaks my heart, it is now time to leave. Ever since deciding on not flying and in thinking about how to travel up the continent, I have wanted to do it on a bicycle.

The time is here! I am setting off 16th of June!


Action packed journey

I am doing two super cool things on my way up the continents! First, I am screening films for people I meet along the way, using a solar cinema! A solar panel powered projector! The screenings will be a mix of fun movies to entertain, and entertaining movies about locally relevant environmental and climate change issues to exchange knowledge, raise further awareness and inspire people to take action. Central to this are the ways everyone can contribute to solving these challenges in their contexts.

Secondly, I am raising funds for two projects close to my heart. Keywords: fuel efficient cook stoves and recycling! They both mitigate climate change (yeay!) and have economic and health benefits for families and communities. Pssst! See my project website to learn more:


Why do I need YOUR help?

I would love your help with financing key parts of this project, hence making this dream and incredible project possible! Your donation will help me get a bicycle between my legs, a tent above my head, a sleeping bag to keep me warm, a Wilderness First Aid Course in my back pocket, the solar cinema parts and money for the boarder crossings so I do not have to resort to any sexual favours to get across!!

R100,000 will get me started and R200,000 will take me all the way to Norway. If you are not eating spaghetti and beans 7 days a week and have R200 / $20 / ‚¬20 / 200kr to spare, I would be one beaming cyclist. Jokes aside, this is my dream and in making it happen I hope to also inspire other people on my journey to care for and take action for our greatest asset, our environment, and to realize that sustainability is the real sexy.

As a token of my appreciation, I will engrave your name on The Wall of Fame on my website! It details an unique club of men and women who are making this project possible. What more is, I am taking you with me on my journey €“ in the form of a tree! For each donation, I am planting a tree. I want you to name your tree (give it your best shot!), and I will send you the GPS-coordinates of where it is, plus I will post a video of me baptising and planting your tree in my social media. How cool is that?!

Check out the project deets, share and take part! Visit my website to learn more:

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