Cycling for breast cancer


Fund raiser for Breast cancer

My idée is to cycle with a mountain bike unassisted from Gauteng to Botswana. More specifically from BP Luipaard which is in Krugersdorp to the Ramatlabama Border of Botswana. The journey is approximately 275 km long.


I am a Biokineticist by profession and over the years I have worked with many patients that have had or have cancer but more specifically breast cancer. I saw how it changed their lived and also affected the loved ones around them. Today I can see that breast cancer is affecting more and more people and I was under the false illusion that it only affects older people but in reality it starts at a young age. I would hope that when people are more aware of this condition that they will go for more regular check ups and sooner at a younger age. I am a very active person and I have always thought of doing something out of the ordinary. I thought I would cycle to Botswana on a mountain bike as it is very challenging and I think people will be interested in following my progress on this unusual cycling trip. 

I am hoping to inspire others to do the same for something that they believe in. To believe in yourself, that you can make a difference at any level.

All donations will go to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to try and help the fight against breast cancer. 

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