Buy Frau Dittberner a car!


28 July 2017 - Update: In accordance with the wishes of Frau Dittberner I have scheduled the campaign to formally end on Sunday night, so that we may initiate the transfer of funds next week. It may therefore be possible to donate over the weekend. Thanks again to all.


21 July 2017 - Update: WOW WOW WOW - we have reached the target. Thank you so much to everyone who has made this such a massive success.

We have been in contact with Frau Dittberner who is simply ecstatic and just so thankful to each and every individual who has contributed. The target was reached so quickly (exactly 1 week from launch)!

As I am aware of some people who still wish to make contributions I will leave the moneybox open for a little while still while we . The "excess" funds will go towards paying the Candystick fees (5.5%) and potentially insurance for the car. So if you still wish to contribute, please do - I guarantee it will benefit Frau Dittberner.


Calling all German School of Johannesburg alumni:

Time to give back!

The news that Frau Dittberner, our beloved former German School of Johannesburg teacher and photographer, had her car stolen was terrible to hear. Worse was the news that she seemingly cannot afford to get herself a replacement.

Read the original press release here:


For those of you who attended the German School, this woman needs no further introduction, but in case anyone needs reminding (or doesn't know her but wants to help out anyhow), here goes:

While employed as a teacher at the German School in Johannesburg, Frau Dittberner dedicated much of her private time to her role as official school photographer ensuring that us students would have good quality photos of all the memorable events which formed such an integral part of our youth. 

Before the days of social media, there was genuine excitement when the latest batch of photos were posted on a wall somewhere on our school property - and I'm sure many of us still have some of those photos in our old albums or displayed in our houses.

This campaign has been formed with the aim of buying Frau Dittberner a replacement car. Our goal is obviously to get her a similar car to the one which was stolen. If we don't reach the entire goal, we will transfer whatever we have collected to her!

Please make whatever contribution you can, big or small and also share this far and wide.

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