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***UPDATE - 28/11/2017***

Arike has been sent home today!!! Her parents and sister are very happy to have her at home in time for her first birthday and christmas. The moneybox will continue in order to raise funds for any unforseen expenses. We are very far from our goal and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please read the article on Netwerk24 -  (copy and paste link in your browser to read)

We will post updates as they happen. Wishing everyone a happy festive season.

Thank you :-)



***UPDATE - 21/11/2017***

If all goes well Arike will be sent home on 28 November 2017. This means she will be able to spend her first birthday and her first christmas at home. Any donation big or small will help her family a lot. Thanking all in advance:-)

Arike and her family would love to have her home for Xmas

Arike Hayward was born on the 14th of December 2016. Due to being diagnosed with PIG (polmanary interstigiel glycogenesis) and then with ABCA3 (a disease that prevents her from being able to breathe on her own), she has spent her life so far in hospital. The family who lived in Clanwilliams at the time traveled to Cape Town as often as possible to be with her. They have since relocated to Saldana Bay to be closer. The medical aid did not cover some of the tests that were done and Henrico and Janine had to raise the funds on their own.

They now received the news that Arike is well enough to be sent home. She will have three nurses looking after her permanently and her room at home needs to be converted for her medical equipment. This is a very costly venture and any donations towards bringing Arike home would be greatly appreciated.

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