Brady's Studies in USA


Help Brady Samuels get to USA 

Being awarded a scholarship to study and compete amongst the world's most elite swimmers at university level has always been a dream of mine.

In 2016, I had the honor and privilege of representing South Africa at Cana Zone IV Swimming Championships in Mauritius. At that competition I won a Bronze medal and that being my proudest and highest achievement in my ongoing swimming career. 

November 2017 was when I achieved my dream - being awarded a scholarship to study at a university in West Virginia. There is no words to discribe how I was feeling at the time for me and of course my family. It was the hardest journey for me as I have had many setbacks in the past few years in the pool, but never gave up.

As a family, we didn't realize how costly fees, flights, visas etc would be. It would mean the world to me if you could please help me raise the funds towards making my dream a reality. 

Please help us raise funds towards this dream

  •  Make a young man's dream come true
  • Invest in my future 



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