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This MoneyBox is setup on behalf of Scott Edkins for Blessing Nyirenda who has been severely impacted by the Knysna fires - please see the Facebook post here from Scott: the post is also below.

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Update 2017.06.11:

2 Articles on SA People with all the info we have, thanks!


As posted by Scott Edkins after the Knysna fires struck.
As some of you are aware I was part of a small group of people that discovered the body of a 3 year old girl- Catherine Nyirenda, very close to our burned out house. 

Catherine and her mother had been trying to outrun the fire which was impossible. Her mother is alive but in a very serious condition in hospital and currently plans are being made to move her to Cape Town where she will get the Medical she needs to survive, hopefully.

Discovering little Catherine was difficult but what was even harder was when her father Blessing Nyirenda was brought to the scene. Blessing put everything in perspective as he collapsed to the ground sobbing uncontrollably.

Blessing is from Malawi and came to South Africa to start a new life for his family. He had a steady job and a home just 1 km from mine. He is the keyboard player in the church and a well liked and very good man.
Blessing has lost far more than me and he could lose his wife in next 48 hours as well. Little Catherine was a little live wire and well liked and I can't imagine how how I would be if this happened to Tarryn or my kids Jessie and Emily.

I am going to ask all of you that have shown concern and sent us messages of support, asking how you can be of assistance, to help me try rebuild Blessings life in one way or another. Be it R100 or $100 any amount will go a long way towards trying to give this man some sort of life again. Remember he has lost his house and all his possessions as well as little Catherine and possibly his wife Enala.

UPDATE - Blessing's wife, Enala has since passed.

I have a trust account as per below and I ask for any contributions to be paid directly into the trust and I will personally manage the funds and be accountable for every cent as I, along with your help, try and give Blessing a second chance at life.

UPDATE - Other donation options here:

Please guys, dig deep and let's show Blessing that he is not alone and that people do care.

Much appreciated

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