GIve Andrew Faber time to recover


So for those of you who know A Faber, I took these pictures when I visited him today. Beyond the feral eyes, bruising from yet another blood test, the extreme loss of weight, he looked like he could been an extra on the Addams Family - there's no come back, no laugh, no jokes.... he's literally a shadow of his former self. 

I've been been going to see how he's doing every couple of days - to let him know that he's one of our brothers, that he's my brother - that I care about him - and in his current state of sickness - it's so important that he knows that I care. So many times Andrew's saved my bacon, whether it's been a tough director or foreign production company, whether it's been him drawing a line in the sand when it comes to unrealistic deadlines or unsafe hours - he's always had my and my crew's backs.

Now we need to help Andrew. 

You might not know that he's been in hospital for the last month. Hepatitis A, jaundice and other complications. He has no medical insurance, no income protection. Like many of us filmmakers, he lives hand to mouth, and it always seems more important to to pay the rent, to put food on the table and pray we never get sick. Andrew wasn't so lucky.  One month of not working, plus a conservative 2-3 month recuperation period for a freelancer means that he and his family are going to be running into some hard times from April.  I'd like to appeal to you that if you have means, you make a contribution to him...

There are hundreds of us that owe Andrew and it's time for us to pay our debt.

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