A House for Mama Doli


Mama Doli has a million dollar smile. If you're a Durbanite, you might have seen her or even eaten one of her freshly baked muffins, if you've ever popped into Hello Cafe. She is a gentle soul and has worked so hard to overcome so much.

This is a fundraiser to help her and her family by building them a safe and secure home. This beautiful family is made up of 2 single, hard-working mamas (Mama Doli and her oldest daughter) and their 4 children. They are currently living in a one-room shack pictured below.

As you can see from the photo above, the shack they are currently staying in has a leaky roof so on days when it rains, Doli and her family need to seek shelter elsewhere and everything they own gets wet. Her children are also often sick. This situation is not right and something needs to be done. She is working hard to provide for her family but, unfortunately, sometimes hard work is not enough.  Mama Doli needs a miracle.  


That's where we as a community come in. This is an amazing opportunity to show the power of community and surround her with love and support. To show Mama Doli that we see her and that she is not alone in the challenge that she is facing.  

We have experienced a delay in this project, due to a lack of finances, but through our fundraising endeavours so far, we have been able to buy a large plot of land and secure the property with a fence.  We have approached a local contractor who has supplied us with the following house plans:

He has also given us the following quotation:

Labour - R24000 (-R5000 that has already been paid for by a project team member)

Foundation - R25436 (which has also already been paid for by a project team member)

Walls - R10944

Roof - R22593

Wendy House/Shed to offer secure storage for building material - R4000 (has already been paid through a donation)

Person to stay on site for security and transport to and from site - R8000

Total = R65,037*

For potential international funders, this amount is equal to $6331.97CAD or $4768.22USD depending on exchange rate

*This amount will conclude our Building Phase of the project.  Once this is completed, we will also be raising funds for equipping the house with electricity and furnishing it with appliances and furniture.  We also hope to receive furniture and appliance donations when we have reached this phase of the project.  

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us and giving to this project so that we can give Mama Doli the miracle that she and her family need this Christmas.  No donation is too small for even the smallest of donations are going to help make a big impact to Mama Doli!  Please share this project across your social media, so that we can spread awareness and complete this project as soon as possible.  No more delay for this precious family!  

If you have any questions or, don't feel comfortable giving online, please contact Christy Shange at shange.christina@gmail.com 

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